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The comings of haMashiyach - page 1
Hebrew names listed bearing E†´‹ (why) at the beginning or end
in honor of His Name (Yahúwah - †´E†´‹ – hwhy, efei)
where Yahushua (”μE†´‹ – ocwhy, osfei) our Mashiyach comes to save us
by the door of His Name (Yahudah - †´…E†´‹ - hdwhy, edfei)):
Transliterated English NAS Modern Ancient English
Name Name Hebrew Hebrew Translation
Abiyahu Abijah 2 Ch 13:20 E†´I¹ƒ¼‚ whyba My father is Yahu
Adayahu Adaiah 2 Ch 23:1 E†´‹´…¼” whydo He has decked, Yahu
Adoniyahu Adonijah 1 K 1:8 E†´I¹’¾…¼‚ whynda My master is Yahu
Ahazyahu Ahaziah 2 K 1:18 E†´‹¸ˆμ‰¼‚ whyzja He has grasped, Yahu
Achiyahu Ahijah 2 Ch 10:15 E†´I¹‰¼‚ whyja My brother of Yahu
Amaryahu Amariah 2 Ch 19:11 E†´‹¸šμ¼‚ whyrma He has said, Yahu
Amatsyahu Amaziah 2 K 14:18 E†´‹¸˜μ¼‚ whyxma Mighty is Yahu
Atalyahu Athaliah 2 Ch 22:2 E†´‹¸μoe¼” whylta Exalted is Yahu
Atsalyahu Azaliah 2 K 22:3 E†´‹¸μ˜¼‚ whylxa He has reserved, Yahu
Azaryahu Azariah 2 K 15:6 E†´‹¸šμˆ¼” whyrzo He has helped, Yahu
Azazyahu Azaziah 2 Ch 31:13 E†´‹¸ˆμˆ¼” whyzzo Strengthened is Yahu
Benayahu Benaiah Eze 11:1 E†´‹´’¸A whynb He has built up, Yahu
Berekyahu Berechiah Zec 1:7 E†´‹¸¶š¶A whykrb Blessed by Yahu
Buqqiyahu Bukkiah 1 Ch 25:4 E†´I¹RºA whyqb Proved by Yahu
Delayahu Delaiah Jer 36:12 E†´‹´¸… whyld He has drawn up, Yahu
Eliyahu Elijah 1 K 17:1 E†´I¹·‚ whyla My El is Yahu
Gedalyahu Gedaliah 1 Ch 25:3 E†´‹¸μ…¸B whyldg Great is Yahu
Gemaryahu Gemariah Jer 36:10 E†´‹¸šμ¸B whyrmg He has completed, Yahu
Chananyahu Hananiah Jer 36:12 E†´‹¸’μ’¼‰ whynnj Gracious is Yahu
Chashabyahu Hashabiah 2 Ch 35:9 E†´‹¸ƒμ¼‰ whybcj He has taken account, Yahu
The comings of haMashiyach - page 2
Chilqyahu Hilkiah Jer 1:1 E†´I¹™¸¹‰ whyqlj My portion is Yahu
Chizqiyahu Hezekiah 2 K 18:14 E†´I¹™¸ˆ¹‰ whyqzj He has strengthened, Yahu
Kenanyahu Chenaniah 1 Ch 15:22 E†´‹¸’μ’¸ whynnk Firmly established is Yahu
Konyahu Cononiah 2 Ch 31:13 E†´‹¸’μ’‡´J whynnk Firmly established is Yahu
Kanyahu Coniah Jer 22:23 E†´‹¸’μ´J whynk Established is Yahu
Maaseyahu Maaseiah 2 Ch 26:11 E†´‹·#¼”μ whycom Work of Yahu
Maazyahu Maaziah 1 Ch 24:18 E†´‹¸ˆμ”μ whyzom Stronghold is Yahu
Malkiyahu Malchiah Jer 38:6 E†´I¹J¸μ whyklm My king is Yahu
Mattanyahu Mattaniah 2 Ch 29:13 E†´‹¸’μUμ whyntm Gift of Yahu
Mattithyahu Mattithiah 1 Ch 15:18 E†´‹¸oe¹Uμ whyttm Gift of Yahu
Meshelemyahu Meshelemiah 1 Ch 26:1 E†´‹¸¶¶¸ whymlcm He repays, Yahu
Mikayahu Michaiah 2 Ch 17:7 E†´‹´‹¹ whykym Who is like Yahu?
Miqneyahu Mikneiah 1 Ch 15:18 E†´‹·’¸™¹ whynqm Possession of Yahu
Neriyahu Neriah Jer 36:14 E†´I¹š·’ whyrn My lamp is Yahu
Nethanyahu Nethaniah Jer 36:14 E†´‹¸’μoe¸’ whyntn He has given, Yahu
Obadyahu Obadiah 1 K 18:3 E†´‹¸…μƒ¾” whydbo Servant of Yahu
Pedayahu Pedaiah 1 Ch 27:20 E†´‹´…¸P whydp He has ransomed, Yahu
Phelatyahu Pheltiah Eze 11:1 E†´‹¸Šμ¸P whyflp He provides escape, Yahu
Qusayahu Cusaiah 1 Ch 15:17 E†´‹´E™ whycwq He has lured, Yahu
Rechabyahu Rahabiah 1 Ch 26:25 E†´‹¸ƒμ‰¸š whybjr He has widened, Yahu
Remalyahu Romeliah 2 K 16:1 E†´‹¸μ¸š whylmr He has adorned, Yahu
Semakyahu Sanachiah 1 Ch 26:7 E†´‹¸μ¸“ whykms He has sustained, Yahu
Tsephanyahu Zophoniah 2 K 25:18 E†´‹¸’μ–¸˜ whypx He has treasured up, Yahu
Serayahu Saraiah Jer 36:26 E†´‹´š¸# whyrc He has contended, Yahu
Sebanyahu Sacaniah 1 Ch 15:24 E†´‹¸’μƒ¸ whynbc Whose he built Yahu
Sekamyahu Semeiah 2 Ch 31:15 E†´‹¸’μ¸ whynkc Residence of Yahu
The comings of haMashiyach - page 3
Selemyahu Selemiah Jer 36:14 E†´‹¸¶¶ whymlc He has rewarded, Yahu
Semaryahu Semariah 1 Ch 12:5 E†´‹¸šμ¸ whyrmc He has kept, Yahu
Semayahu Semeiah Jer 26:20 E†´‹¸”μ¸ whyomc He has heard, Yahu
Sephatyahu Sepatiah 1 Ch 27:16 E†´‹¸Šμ–¸ whyfpc He has judged, Yahu
Tsidqiyahu Sedekiah 1 K 22:24 E†´I¹™¸…¹˜ whyqde My righteousness is Yahu
Tebalyahu Tableliah 1 Ch 26:11 E†´‹¸μƒ¸Š whylbf He has dipped, Yahu
Tobiyahu Tobiah 2 Ch 17:8 E†´I¹ƒŸŠ whybwf Good is Yahu
Uriyahu Uriiah Jer 26:20 E†´I¹šE‚ whyrwa My light is Yahu
Uziyahu Uziah 2 Ch 26:22 E†´I¹Fº” whyzo My strength is Yahu
Yaazanyahu Jaazaniah Eze 8:11 E†´‹¸’μˆ¼‚μ‹ whynzay He has given ear, Yahu
Yeberekyahu Barachiah Isa 8:2 E†´‹¸¶š¶ƒ¸‹ whykrby Blessed is Yahu
Yechdeyahu Jehediah 1 Ch 24:20 E†´‹¸C¸‰¶‹ whydjy May give joy, Yahu
Yechizqiyahu Hezekiah Jer 15:4 E†´I¹™¸ˆ¹‰¸‹ whyqzjy May strengthen, Yahu
Yahuadah Jehoada 1 Ch 8:36 †´Cμ”E†´‹ hdowhy Yahu has adorned
Yahuadan Jehoiadan 2 Ch 25:1 ‘´Cμ”E†´‹ ndowhy Yahu is pleasure
Yahuadin Jehoadin 2 K 14:2 ‘‹¹Cμ”E†´‹ nydowhy Yahu is pleasure
Yahuachaz Jehoahaz 2 Ch 36:1 ˆ´‰´‚E†´‹ zjawhy Yahu has grasped
Yahudah Judah Gen 29:35 †´…E†´‹ hdwhy Yahu is praised
Yahuchanan Jehohanan Ezr 10:28 ‘´’´‰E†´‹ nnjwhy Yahu has been gracious
Yahuonadab Jonadab 2 S 13:5 ƒ´…´’E†´‹ bdnwhy Yahu is magnanimous
Yahunatan Jonathan 1 S 14:6 ‘´oe´’E†´‹ ntnwhy Yahu has given
Yahuoram Jehoram 2 K 1:17 -´šE†´‹ mrwhy Yahu is exalted
Yahusadaq Jehosadak 1 Ch 5:40 ™´…´˜E†´‹ qdewhy Yahu is righteous
Yahushabat Jehosabeath 2 Ch 22:11 oeμ”¸ƒμE†´‹ XOBSwhy Yahu is an oath
Yahusaphat Jehosaphat 1 Ch 18:15 Š´–´E†´‹ fpcwhy Yahu has judged
Yahuseba Jehosaba 2 K 11:2 ”샶E†´‹ obcwhy Yahu is an oath
The comings of haMashiyach - page 4
Yahushua / Joshua 2 K 23:8 μ”ºE†´‹ ocwhy Yahu is salvation
Yahusha ”μE†´‹
Yahuyada Jehoiada 1 Ch 12:27 ”´…´‹E†´‹ odywhy Yahu may know
Yahuyakin Jehoacin 2 K 24:12 ‘‹¹´‹E†´‹ nykywhyYahu will firmly establish
Yahuyaqim Jehoakim 1 Ch 3:15 -‹¹™´‹E†´‹ myqywhy Yahu will raise up
Yahuahuyarib Jehoiarib 1 Ch 24:7 ƒ‹¹š´‹E†´‹ byrywhy Yahu will plead
Yahuzabad Jehosabad 1 Ch 26:4 …´ƒ´ˆE†´‹ DBZwhy Yahu will endow
Yahu Jehu 1 Ch 2:38 ‚E†´‹ awhy Yahu is He
Yekalyahu Jeceliah 2 K 15:2 E†´‹¸´¸‹ whylky He will able, Yahu
Yekanyahu Jechoniah Jer 24:11 E†´‹¸’´¸‹ whynky He will establish, Yahu
Yeriyahu Jeriah 1 Ch 24:23 E†´I¹š¸‹ whyRY He will see, Yahu
Yeshayahu Isaiah Is 1:1 E†´‹¸”μ¸‹ whyocy He will save, Yahu
Yezanyahu Jesaniah Jer 40:8 E†´‹¸’μˆ‹ whynzy He has given ear, Yahu
Yigdalyahu Igdaliah Jer 35:4 E†´‹¸μC¸„¹‹ whyldgy He shall make great, Yahu
Yirmeyahu Jeremiah 2 Ch 36:21 E†´‹¸¸š¹‹ whymry He will exalt, Yahu
Yishiyahu Jesiah 1 Ch 12:6 E†´I¹V¹‹ whycy He makes forget, Yahu
Yismayahu Jesmaiah 1 Ch 27:19 E†´‹¸”μ¸¹‹ whyomcy He may hear, Yahu
Yismakyahu Jesmachiah 2 Ch 31:13 E†´‹¸μ¸“¹‹ whykmsyHe has supported, Yahu
Yosiyahu Josiah Jer 1:2 E†´I¹‚¾‹ whycay He will support, Yahu
Zebadyahu Zabadiah 1 Ch 26:2 E†´‹¸…μƒ¸ˆ whydbz He has endowed, Yahu
Zekaryahu Zachariah 2 Ch 26:5 E†´‹¸šμ¸ˆ whyrkz He has remembered, Yahu
New Testament (B'rit haChadashah) Hebrew-Greek Names
Translitered Hebrew Ancient Hebrew Greek Greek
Name Translitered
Yahúwah †´E†´‹ hwhy kuriou  kyriou * (Matt. 1:20)
The comings of haMashiyach - page 5
Yahushua / μ”ºE†´‹ ucwhy 'Ihsou  Iesou (IHSou) (Matt. 1:1)
Yahusha ”μE†´‹ 'Ihsoun  Iesoun (Matt 1:21)
'Ihsouj   Iesous
Yahushua / (Joshua) μ”ºE†´‹ ucwhy 'Ihsou  Iesou (Luke 3:29)
Yahusha ”μE†´‹ 'Ihsou  Iesou (Acts 7:45)
'Ihsouj  Iesous (Heb. 4:8)
Elisha ”´‹¹½‚ ocyla 'Elisaiou  Elisaiou (Luke 4:27)
Yeshayahu (Isa) E†´‹¸”μ¸‹ whyocy 'Hsaiou  Esaiou (Matt 3:3)
Abiyah †´I¹ƒ¼‚ hyba 'Abia  Abia (Matt. 1:7)
Chananiah †´‹¸’μ’¼‰ hynnj 'Ananij  Hananias (Acts 5:5)
Eliyahu E†´I¹·‚ whyla 'Hliaj  Elias (Matt. 16:14)
Chizqiyahu E†´I¹™¸ˆ¹‰ whyqzj 'Ezekian Hezekian (Matt. 1:9)
Mattithyahu (Matt) E†´‹¸oe¹Uμ whyttm Mattaion  Maththaion (Matt. 9:9)
Mattaqiou Mattathiou (Luke 3:25)
Uzziyahu E†´I¹Fº” whyzo Ozian Ozian (Matt. 1:8-9)
Oziaj Ozias
Yahuchanan (John) ‘´’´‰E†´‹ nnjwhy Iwannou  Ioannou (Matt. 3:1)
Yahudah (Judah) †´…E†´‹ hdwhy Ioudan  Iou'dan (Matt. 1:2)
Yahushaphat Š´–´E†´‹ fpcwhy Iwsafat Iosaphat (Matt 1:8)
Yekanyahu E†´‹¸’´¸‹ whynky 'Iexonian Iechonian (Matt. 1:11)
Yirmeyahu (Jer) E†´‹¸¸š¹‹ whymry 'Ieremiou  Ieremiou (Matt. 16:14)
Yosiyahu E†´I¹‚¾‹ whycay 'Iwsion Iosian (Matt. 1:10)
Zecharyah †´‹¸šμ¸ˆ hyrkz Zaxariaj Zacharias (Luke 1:1)
Yahudim (Jews) -‹¹…E†´‹ mydwhy 'Ioudaiwn  Ioudaion (Matt. 2:2)
YHWH/YHVH (Yahúwah - the Eternal [#3068]) in the paleo Hebrew letters (hwhy- he, waw/vav, he, yod) indicates
that yod for giving/sowing, he for Light/word/seed, waw/vav for producing/fulfilling, the last he for the Light/word/seed
received back/reaped, in other words, it means what is sowed shall be reaped in its eternal cycle (spiritual reproduction).
The comings of haMashiyach - page 6
The meaning of His eternal name in Ex. 3:14 (†¶‹¸†¶‚ š¶¼‚ †¶‹¸†¶‚ - hyha rca hyha –
Eh’Yah asher eh’Yah) means “I will be (am) what I will be (am)” in other words that it is a eternal cycle where there is no
beginning and no end like what is sown is the same as what is reaped.
Yahushua / Yahusha (”μE†´‹, ocwhy) is seen comparing with the name Y'shaYahu /Isaiah (E†´‹¸”μ¸‹,
whyocy) for Yahúwah is salvation, with the similar transliteration of salvation in the name Elisha in 1 Kings 19:16
(”´‹¹½‚, ocyla) . It is understood that He comes in His Father's name (John5:43).
Noteworthy, Phuvah/(Phuah in Gen 46:13 (†´E–, hwp ) and Ishvah/Ishuah (†´E¸¹‹, hwcw ) in Gen. 46:17 are
similar for the last two letters ((†´E) of His Name, and Chauwah (Eve) in Gen 4:20 (†´Eμ‰, hwj) is understood as a
mother of all where we come in our flesh and ascend to His holy Name (hwhy) at the completion of our flesh. Yah
(D´‹) is mostly found in Psalms, Isa. 12:2; 38:11; Ex. 15:2; 17:16. There are many Hebrew names ending with yah (†´‹)
like Zecharyah, Zephanyah. HalleluYah! (D´‹E¸μ†) in Ps. 104:35.
* Where does the word kyriou (kyrios) come from?
It is found in the LXX and Greek NT to use instead of YHWH.
English translation: Isa. 45:1 YHWH   


Hebrew transliteration: 45:1. koh-’amar Yahúwah lim’shicho l’Koresh ‘asher-hechezaq’ti bimino l’rad-l’phanayu
goyim umath’ney m’lakim ‘aphatecha liph’toach l’phanayu d’lathayim ush’`arim lo’ yisageru.
LXX transliteration: 45:1 Hout
s legei kyrios ho theos tŸ christŸ mou KyrŸ, hou ekratsa ts dexias epakousai emprosthen
autou ethn, kai ischyn basile
n diarrx
, anoix
 emprosthen autou thyras, kai poleis ou sygkleisthsontai.
2Chr36:22 Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persian order to fulfill the word of DEDI by the mouth of
Jeremiah DEDI stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so that he sent a proclamation throughout his kingdom,
and also put it in writing, saying,
22. ubish’nath ‘achath l’Koresh melek Paras lik’loth d’bar-Yahúwah b’phi Yir’m’Yahu he`ir Yahúwah ‘eth-ruach
Koresh melek-Paras waya`aber-qol b’kal-mal’kutho w’gam-b’mik’tab le’mor.
22 Etous pr
tou Kyrou basile
s Pers
n meta to plr
thnai hrma kyriou dia stomatos Ieremiou exgeiren kyrios to pneuma
Kyrou basile
s Pers
n, kai parggeilen kryxai en pasÿ tÿ basileia autou en graptŸ leg
We see the commonly words : kyriou, kyrios, kyrion, kyrio, kyrie in the Greek NT referring to YHWH, Elohim, Master
(Adon). King Cyrus (Kryo, Kryus) was His anointed to bring His people out of Babylon back to the land of Yisrael.
There are some Greek names bearing His Name :
Jeremiah (YirmeYahu) – Iremiou
Matthew (MattithYahu) - Mattathiou
Isaiah (YeshaYahu) - Esaiou
Jews (Yahudim) – Ioudaion
The comings of haMashiyach - page 7
Judah (Yahudah) – Iou’dan
Cryus (Koresh) – kyrou
Kyriou is understood that the king of Perisan Cyrus used his Kyr (Cyrus) with His IOU (YHW) making it looks like
KoreshYahu (Kyriou in Greek transliteration).
Translation: Ps. 118:26a (MT)
Here LXX matches Hebrew very closely:
LXX: EulogEmenos ho erkhomenos en onomati Kyriou
Blessed the coming (one) in (the) name (of) YHWH


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